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HID is designed to provide fast, easy and first of all safe presentation of your contact information (e-mail, www, gadu-gadu, skype, icq, etc.) on the web by means of an animated picture.

HID banner


Protection against spam: whenever you provide your email address or other contact anywhere on the web (e.g. in forums), your contact might be misused by spammers. Web is contantly searched by spammers using automated scripts (bots) to find contact information of any kind (e-mail addresses, icq numbers, gadu-gadu etc.) on the web. Bots can easily find all information on the web if they are provided as a text. However they cannot find contact information that is part of an image. Only human can recognize text in an image. Hidentity can present all your contacts in form of an image. Linking such image on forums is much safer than directly posting your email address or other contacts. The image efficiently protects you against bots used by spammers to gather contacts.

Keeping your contacts up-to-date: whenever you change your email address, you have to change it everywhere where you present your old address. That is not only labour intensive task, but also often impossible because not everywhere you can make the change or simply you do not know anymore wherever you posted your email (e.g. in old forum posts). Hidentity allows you to change your contacts at anytime and thus update your HID image. Everywhere where you used your HID image, the new contacts are presented instantly.

Simplicity: instead of leaving all your contacts (email,www, ICQ, Skype, etc) just post single link:

a) to put Your HID on Your www all what You have to do is put that html code:

<img src="[--YOUR HID--].gif" />
example: <img src="" />

b) automatic signature on discussion forums

phpBB2: [img][--YOUR HID--].gif[/img]
např. [img][/img]

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