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Hidentity.org16. 12. 2007 was unavaliable for a long time. Problem was and unfortunately still is Internet connection. Hidentity has traffic about 4GB/day and for me (university student) it is quite difficult to find and pay appropriate Internet connection - you can see, on pages there are no banners or other kind of advertisement.

Community help
There is one simple solution, I need to decrease a page traffic. So if have your own web server on the Internet and you want to help and share piece of your Internet connection, just contact me on:

... and some of HID pictures will be loaded to your web server and automaticly refered by hidentity. It is also possible to control amount of shared traffic just by loading only part of images to your server.

Community - PHP programmer
Also if you have already some experience with PHP and you want to be a part of project, do not hesiate to contact me.

NEW! Skin choice & cache servers12. 11. 2006
  • Skin choice
    you can use different skin on each page. Just put skin id into url.

    Example using skin 1:
    Example using skin 5:
    Example using default skin:
    * CZ100001 replace by your HID

  • Cache server implementation
    According to upload traffic increase (2GB of HID images per day), I decided to create distributed system of "cache" servers. Using cache servers should increase access speed to and HID images.
    How does it work? Cache server holds HID images, so requests to them is redirected by to this server.
    Today hidentity system uses 1 cache server (it's loaded on my student web space on my university ... pssst, it is secret ...).

10 000 registered users2. 4. 2006
Number of registered users overreached 10 000 in six months

New skin1. 8. 2005
New skin available


Enjoy ;]

Discussion forum repaired!1. 1. 2006
Posting into forum wasn't avalaible because of bug in new PHP 5. It is working now ...

Your hidentity|org21. 11. 2005
users: > 3000
contacts: > 7600

HID traffic: > 1,4 GB/day
server location: Czech republic, Brno, Hotel Bozetechova

system: Debian, MySQL, PHP4
server: Pentium 700MHz 256 RAM

author: Aleš Šturala

Three new contacts & one skin21. 11. 2005
Hidentity now supports new three contacts - Hapi, Jajah and FWD

Also there is new skin called Avatar, which is 100x100px large and compatible with avatars used on discussion forums on the Internet.

skin preview

New contacts5. 10. 2005
Hidentity now offers 10 contact types - e-mail, web, skype, jabber, ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, AQQ, Tlen, Gadu-Gadu + 2 new types PHONE a GIZMO

Do you know some other interesting contact types we could support?

Write at

Some statistics22. 9. 2005
registered users come from:
Poland: 64%
Czech Republic: 21%
Slovakia: 11%
Germany: 1%
others: 3%

Which contacts are most popular?
E-mail: 27%
Gadu-Gadu: 17%
Web page: 14%
Skype: 10%
ICQ: 10%
Tlen: 8%
Jabber: 7%
MSN: 3%
AQQ: 2%
Yahoo: 1%
Aim: 1%

New version of is out1. 8. 2005
What is new on
  • custom HID image colors, border, backgroud, font, ...
  • several nice skins
  • new HID url: - image-like!
  • captcha
  • discussion forum
  • up to 15 contacts for one account
  • 11 contact types (ICQ, Skype, Jabber, Gadu-Gadu, ...)
  • and some other new features...

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